The OS-PRINT 4 printer offers high fidelity results with ultra-fine detail. Combined with the OPERA MACH2 intraoral scanner, OS-PRINT 4 provides a workflow of extraordinary speed and accuracy. OS-PRINT 4 is a 3D printer specially developed for use in digital dentistry. Large print volume 192 x 120 mm & 4K resolution

Unparalleled Accuracy

  • Accurate Precise : Over 96% of the surface points fits within ±0.1mm
  • Outstanding Uniformity : High luminance uniformity achieves up to 90%
  • Beyond the Limits : Provides not only the possibility to obtain features smaller than a pixel, but also superior surface finish.

Large Print Size, 4K Resolution

192*120mm printing size and 4K resolution satisfy the demands of users for efficiency and details.

Reliable Performance

  • Industrial Grade Optical : High quality optical module with long-life components
  • State-of-the-Art Robustness : OS_PRINT 4’s 5 million layers tested in real dental clinic condition provides state-of-the-art reliability.
  • District Cooling System : DCS (District cooling system) maintains the temperature of working screen under 40℃, while extending the 3D printer lifespan significantly.

Multiple Material Options

  • Opera System covers a wide range of materials for dental 3D printing applications, includes dental model, ortho model, surgical guide, castable wax and gingiva mask.
  • Certified 3rd Party Material : Opera System partners with industry leading brands in dental material, providing more possibility and flexibility

Professional Dental Software

  • Plug and Play : Guided interactive operation provides gentle learning curve
  • Free Updates : Push update of software and material packages
  • Accuracy Calibration Wizard : Step by step guide for accuracy calibration
Dimensions – Weight 360 x 360 x 530 mm – 19 kg

Build enveloppe (X/Y/Z)

192 x 120 x 180 mm

File STL open


USB key, Wi-Fi, Ethernet


± 50 μm

Print speed

10-50 mm / h (varies according to materials and layer thickness)

Layer thickness

0,025/0,05/0,075/0,1 mm


3840 x 2400(4K) Px

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