Du 7 au 9 avril 2016 nous avons participé au Dental Forum à Paris
Nous y avons présenté nos scanners, nos machines à usiner, notre gamme de matériaux et le scanner intra oral. Nous avons eu le privilège d’accueillir Nondas Vlachopoulos sur notre stand pour des démonstrations de montage céramique CZR Noritake.
Merci à tous nos visiteurs pour leur venue.


From 7  to 9 of April 2016 OPERA SYSTEM  participated to one of the biggest Dental Show in Paris for Dental Laboratories
We were pleased to introduce our full and open range of Dental Wings scanners, milling machines and line of materials. As always, it was a perfect time to discuss, exchange and share our CAD/CAM knowledge during a short time with all of you. It was also a big opportunity for us to let you get in touch with Sir Nondas Vlachopoulos, Noritake international Demonstrator during full CZR ceramic courses at the Euromax booth.
Thank you again for visiting us on our booth