Chairside by DWOS

DWOS Chairside is an open design in-clinic software solution that supports a wide range of indications. It allows for input and output of STL for third-party systems to provide compatibility with intraoral scanners, impression scanners and milling machines.

The chairside design of highly-aesthetic restorations has never been easier
Using latest innovative technology within an intuitive interface, and special design tools, DWOS Chairside software helps facilitate the design of multiple indications and restorations including inlays, onlays, full contour crowns, and veneers, as well as other indications such as implant abutments.

The stand-alone, open design software can also be combined with an intraoral scanner or impression scanner plus milling machine to create a complete in-office solution

1 – Scan
Eliminate the unpleasant tray impression process for your patient with the convenient handpiece.

2 – Design
Quickly design an accurate restoration proposal with the user-friendly interface and special tools.

3 – Mill
Produce predictable precision using a variety of indications, restorative options, and materials.

Integration with milling machines
Closing the loop for a complete and streamlined chairside workflow from scan to design to mill is intuitive CAM computation. This means that no other intermediate interface is required before milling of the restorations.

Milling output data is compatible with the most popular open chairside milling machines.


    Scan – Design – Mill – Consumable – Services – Complete Workflow

    Workflow Opera System :
    scanner intraoral