Super Translucent & Multi Layer zirconia
More opacity in the cervical area. More translucency in the incisal area. First-rate results – regardless of the abutment color.

Applications: Anterior crowns, Posterior crowns, Bridges(1)

With Zirconia ST-ML light is transmitted in the incisal area and blocked in the cervical area.

Giving you the flexibility to make beautifull full contour prothetics – regardless of the abutment color. Ideal for up to 3 units posterior bridges with a well-balanced combination of chromatic and gradational translucency, which reproduces esthetic enamel and dentin effects.

(1) One pontic allowed only between two abutments. For two consecutive pontics, we recommend using zirconia Viva HTML or HT.

Flexural strength 748 Mpa
Expansion thermique (25-500°C) 9,8
Composition ZrO2 + HfO2, Y2O3 etc.
Translucency 38%
Sintering temperature 1550°C


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