Viva HT


High Translucent Zirconia

High flexural strength Ideal zirconia for unitary frames and long-span bridges. The HT range is suitable for monolithic reinforcement.

Applications: Anterior crowns, Posterior crowns, Bridges, Long-span bridges

This high translucent zirconia has got an exceptional and constant quality and offers a remarkable esthetic.

This high flexural zirconia is suitable for single unit frameworks and long-span bridges. HT monolithic shaded is suitable for frameworks.

Shades available : HT OW ≈ WHITE     HT 2W ≈ A2     HT 3W ≈ A3

Flexural strength 1125 MPa
Thermal expansion (25-500°C) 9,9
Composition ZrO2 + HfO2, Y2O3 etc.
Translucency 30,5 %
Sintering temperature 1500°C


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