Machining of CAD-CAM blanks and blocks

Matrix offers high flexibility and production capacity to meet capacity to meet all requirements.

  • High precision
  • Machining of special metals
  • Blanks up to 40 mm for complete prostheses
  • Stop-and-go milling (schunk attachment)

A combination of power and precision, Matrix offers you milling of the highest quality. Specialised in metal machining thanks to the

power of its water-cooled spindle, Matrix can mill any type of material. Its Schunk shank will allow ‘stop and go’ machining without

loss of precision.

Fields of application Wet and dry
Dimensions 650 x 700 x 830 mm
Weight ±180 kg
File Format STL
No. of axes 5
Positioning Range A rotary axis of 360 degrees B rotary axis (fifth axis) of ± 40 degrees
Blank thickness 10 to 40 mm – Ø 98 mm
Automatic Tool Changer 22 tools
Machinable materials Zirconia, Wax, PMMA, CoCr, Peek, Acetal, Titane, Premilled, Nanoceramic, Feldspath, Lithium disilicate, Composite resin, etc
Air Consumption ± 100 l/min to 7 bars
Repetition accuracy ± 0.0001 mm
Rotation Speed Jager chuck spindle rotating up to 60000 RPM
Collet chuck 6 mm
Power supplu 230V ac 3500w
Maximum power 3200 watts
Support 6 blocs

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