Machining of CAD-CAM blanks and blocks

With the new high-end TARGA dental lab machine, Opera System propose a highly automated milling and grinding machine with a tenfold blank changer for both wet and dry machining, bringing revolutionary approaches to the lab.

It combines utmost precision with maximum stability regardless of material – all with a minimal footprint.

  • 5 axis dry and wet machining
  • Automatic changer of 10 blanks
  • Machining of blanks with a thickness of 10 to 40 mm
  • Machining of blocks (supports for blocks) : 60 blocks
  • Machining of premilled titanium abutments
  • Automatic management of 16 tools
  • 2 integrated webcams
  • Rotation axis A of 360° and rotation axis B (5th axis) ± 35°s

Maximum precision

  • Restorations in ultra HD
  • Premium spindle with 4-fold hybrid ceramic ball bearings for maximum running smoothness
  • 3 microns repetition accuracy

Powerful and robust

  • Mills and grinds the toughest materials on the market including all Ti and CoCr
  • 800 watts of power and 80,000 RPM
  • Heavy industrial quality

Absolute independence

  • Sheer unlimited material accessibility in 98 mm disc format, 30 block materials, and >800 titanium and CoCr prefab abutment blanks
  • Covers the broadest range of indications, due to ±35° rotation angle in the 5th axis, and up to 40 mm blanks

Unmatched reliability

  • 100% engineered and manufactured in Germany
  • Comprehensive sensor technology to monitor all vital system functions
  • Webcam in working chamber for remote monitoring

Highly economical

  • One of the fastest machines on the market
  • Revolutionary material loading with DirectDiscTechnology (patent pending)
  • Automatic changer holds up to 10 discs, 60 blocks, or 60 prefab abutment blanks
  • DirectCleanTechnology enables wet and dry on the fly: ionizer, self-cleaning and built-in dryer (patent pending)

Milling software – DentalCAM

  • High-performance software package with open STL import for all common CAD programs
  • Optimized CAM strategies for the fastest possible machining
Fields of application Wet and dry
Dimensions 580 x 600 x 700 mm
Weight ±149 kg
File Format STL
No. of axes 5
Automatic charger 10 blanks – support 60 blocks
Blank thickness 10 to 40 mm – Ø 98 mm
Automatic Tool Changer 16 tools
Machinable materials Zirconia, Wax, PMMA, CoCr, Peek, Acetal, Titane, Premilled, Nanoceramic, Feldspath, Lithium disilicate, Composite resin, etc
Positioning Range A rotary axis of 360 degrees B rotary axis (fifth axis) of ± 35 degrees
Air Consumption Ionizer deactivated: approx. 50 l/min at 6 bar, 65 l/min at 8 bar Ionizer activated : approx. 100 l/min at 6 bar, 110 l/min at 8 bar
Repetition accuracy ± 3 microns
Rotation Speed up to max 80,000 RPM
Integrated service webcam ✔︎
Built-in ionizer ✔︎
Tool-free blank clamping system ✔︎

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