Bite splint OS-CAD by exocad


Design night guards

  • Calculate the splint
  • Adapt to splint to antagonist
  • The final result ready to be produced

With OS-CAD’s Bite Splint Module, you can design high-quality therapeutic night guards quickly in just a few steps.

Thanks to its easy-to-use customization tools and its intuitive workflow that guides you through the design process, producing bite splints is efficient and profitable.

The add-on module‘s extensive functionality allows you to virtually adjust the occlusion and remove undesirable interferences. You can also smooth and morph the surface of your night guards individually or select the option for automatic flattening of the posterior occlusal surface. Heighten patient satisfaction and brand identification of your design by adding your logo and text.

We recommend using a combination of both Bite Splint Module and Virtual Articulator for optimal results.



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    Workflow Opera System :
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