Implant OS-CAD by exocad


Design implant based restorations

  • Implant Bridge with gingiva
  • Implant bridge
  • Implant screw bridge
  • Custom abutment
  • Viewer Web
  • Screw-retained bridges
  • Abutment and suprastructures
  • Screw wells

With the Implant Module for OS-CAD, you can directly designscrew-retained crowns and bridges as well as custom abutments. Even designing abutment and suprastructures in one single CAD session ispossible. Angulated screw channels are supported as well.

With Implant Module, the choice is yours! Either mill in-house or send out yourfiles for production. The add-on module supports a wide range of in-house milling systems. In addition, leading production centers will accept filesgenerated by OS-CAD BY Exocad software.

Quick and easy to use
With OS-CAD’s Implant Module, the design of custom abutments is easy andstraightforward. The design of screw-retained bridges, crownsand copings also becomes an easy task.

A huge selection of implant libraries
OS-CAD’s Implant Module is delivered with an extensive set of implant libraries and supports a huge selection ofimplant systems – from top-tier implant manufacturers to smaller local players. There is an even wider range of titanium bases from third-party manufacturers to choose from. In addition, many milling centers providededicated libraries for exocad’s Implant Module.


    Scan – Design – Mill – Consumable – Services – Complete Workflow

    Workflow Opera System :
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