Crown & Bridge OS-CAD by Exocad


A broad range of indications and functions

•    A broad range of indications and functions
Anatomic crowns
•    Anatomic/simple copings
•    Attachments
•    Bridge framework
•    Inlays/onlays
•    Veneers
•    Work with waxups
•    Telescopic crowns
•    Diagnostic

OS-CAD’s core version supports you in designing various esthetic and functional dental restorations and dental appliances based on individual anatomies and requirements.

Its intuitive user interface, extensive functions and open tooth and material libraries guarantee outstanding results.

Enhanced options thanks to numerous add-on modules
Extensive, versatile, integrated

Easily extend your service offerings with one or more of exocad‘s add-on modules. All modules are fully integrated into OS-CAD providing you with one smooth, stable and seamless workflow.

Enjoy greater functionality according to your needs while remaining fully flexible and cost-efficient.


    Scan – Design – Mill – Consumable – Services – Complete Workflow

    Workflow Opera System :
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